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We would love to here from you. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

How to get started?

It could not be simpler. Select Plan. You will find our plans, offer the perfect solutions for your business's marketing needs, while removing any financial constraints. We then create a dedicated marketing suite to perform your Ad campaigns, all done-for-you by one of our experts.

Results in 90 days?

Yes, you only pay for results. With a No results - No fee promise, it turn's your marketing into an investment, as opposed to a cost burden. Our outsource service is designed for any business. Guaranteed to succeed. While being 100% Risk-Free. You are an expert in your business.​ We're Experts in omnipresence targeted marketing. Let our team supply the leads. While you run your business.

Saphron supply the tools & dedicated expertise?

Yes, and each plan has assigned a dedicated marketing suite to perform your Ad campaigns by one of our own marketing experts. Plus you are covered by our 2X ROI money back guarantee regards revenue.

No results, means “no fee” is charged?

Absolutely. No business owner loses with GeoNet “Ever” with our Results-in-Advance, No Results-No Fee, concept. So, your business only pays if we deliver. With the enterprise monthly fee, you pay on a performance related basis. If Geonet doesn't deliver, then you pay zero that month.

Really, I pay no Ad-spend?

Yes correct. freezing your Ad-spend is a reality”. We tangibly prove this, you will never be requested for any ad-spend to run your Ad-campaigns. What we will say, however, is our method is built into our Ai-algorithmic marketing platforms.

What's your payment method?

By the revolutionized​ mobile​ banking​ solution,​ powered by ABA​ PAY​ –​ a modern,​ secure,​ and​ instant​ cashless​ payment​ method​ based​ on​ the QR​ code, displayed on the applicable plan page. Simply scan the QR code. its easy as 1,2,3.

Got Further Questions? Submit Your Ticket Here. We'll reply today. Seriously.

We hope to be able to serve your business.

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