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Le Parisien Wine Bar, the "Paris" of Phnom Penh. Located in the heart of Toul Kork District, at TheCommune, Le Parisien offers homemade bites, great steak selection, exclusively imported wines from France, that will surely bring you the taste of true Paris. With it's interior meticulously designed, all the way to the furniture, it truly feel like the streets of Paris when you dine at Le Parisien. To top it up, Le Parisien offers an outdoor terrace which is open for coffee in the mornings, so grab your croissants and cafe au lait!

"NOW OPEN" Launching Video, Mixed Montage and Authentic Footage

Bringing Paris to Phnom Penh

Le Parisien Wine Bar

Capturing the Parisian Lifestyle Through Storying Telling

Leverage lifestyle photography with a combination of influencers to showcase to "Paris" in Phnom Penh

Minimal Themed Design Graphic Artwork

Wine Pairing With Charcuterie Photoshoot

Classical French Style Menu Design

Team Portrait

Google My Business Profile Local SEO Ranking and Optimization

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