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Kep West is the ultimate culinary beach destination. A destination that offers a curation of fine dining, private luxury accommodations, outdoor activities and much more located in the coastal region of Cambodia, Kep. At Kep West, you can immerse your self in all sorts of experiences and discover the intricate culinary journey the place has to offer. With a private luxurious accommodation, Knai Bang Chatt, and multiple culinary outles; The Deck, Cafe Grande, and Crab & Co., Kep West is the go-to destination for international tourists and locals. In addition, Kep West also boats a fully loaded Sailing Club and Discovery center, where you can find sailing courses, jet skis, rentals, and other activities.

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The Ultimate Culinary Beach Destination

Kep West & Knai Bang Chatt

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Menu Concepts for Kep West's Individual Outlets

Food Photography for Breakfast Menu

Brand Strategy and Brand Guidelines

Aerial Bird's Eye View of Knai Bang Chatt Resort

Capturing the Adrenaline with Action Photography

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